Friday, November 4, 2011

12pc Rise in Aviva Car Insurance Customers

Earlier today, it was announced by Aviva that it has seen a 9pc increase in health premiums and general insurance. This was announced it its interim third quarter statement.  In the past year, Aviva has obtained and maintained 318,000 new clients which increased the sales of car insurance by 12pc. Its statistics shows that Aviva currently has approximately two million car insurance clients.

In its interim statement, Aviva mentioned that these results show good drive in general insurance which resulted in life insurance being strongly profitable and a combined operation ratio that is 96pc. It did mention however that sale of long term saving plans decreased by 8pc and are now at £23.6bn. The cause of this according to Aviva is the pressing conditions of the market and less businesses that are capital intensive. The chief executive of Aviva group, Mr. Andrew Moss, reported that even though the insurance market has been very volatile, Aviva still continued to deliver great operation accomplishments from January to September of 2011. According to Mr. Moss, Aviva is focused on remaining on target to meet its financial targets for 2011. They will proceed in having capital generation as their top priority and will persevere in keeping their liquidity and capital position.

Mr. Moss also said that Aviva is focused on a balance sheet in a challenging economic environment and that by pursuing a strategy that it focused on its core business, it has made continuous strategic progress taking into consideration the £1bn sale at its Norwich-based RAC.  It also announced a shake-up in its Ireland operations last month although they experienced a loss of approximately 900 jobs while the sale of life insurance and pension plans in the United Kingdom were up 6pc acquiring £8.1bn.

The fact is that Aviva is fitter and leaner today and will make continuous progress strategically and to strengthen their customer franchises in markets such as the United Kingdom which are part of their key markets.


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